Lucky No. Candles
Lucky No. Candles
Lucky No. Candles
Lucky No. Candles
Lucky No. Candles

Lucky No. Candles

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Burn time: 75 hours. 8 oz. 

What's my Lucky Number? 

The Lucky Number – it is considered most fortunate for you and can be calculated by adding the numbers that form your birth date until it remains only one digit

Available Scents

Lucky No. Candles | No. 11 Cashmere 

Sandalwood, musk, jasmine, geranium, and ginger play together to make a cozy scent that's perfect for a night in wrapped up in cashmere blankets. Labradorite keeps the evil eye away and helps affirm the true self.

Lucky No. Candles | No. 13 Smolder 

Smoldering campfires and orchids. Benjoin and sweetwood. Strong, robust, and earthy. Spiked coffee on a brisk morning. Obsidian and rose quartz for love, trust, and truth.


Lucky No. Candles | No. 9 Lei

Pure Aloha. Inspired by the flowers found in a Hawaiian lei. Plumeria. Frangipani, and freesia. Goldstone for protection and power. 


Lucky No. Candles | No. 7 Flight

Let go. Like waking up rested from an afternoon nap on the deck chair of a sailing yacht coasting through The Mediterranean. Fresh linens. Verbena. Rose quartz for love and trust. 


Lucky No. Candles | No. 1 Yuzu & Sea Salt

Focused and calm. Clean and refreshed with the scent of Japanese yuzu, grounded with sea salt. Like taking a dive off the Amalfi coast. The one you light when you need to hit ‘reset.’ Obsidian and clear quartz for clarity and cleansing.