2023 Northside Oktoberfest - German Spelling Bee
2023 Northside Oktoberfest - German Spelling Bee

2023 Northside Oktoberfest - German Spelling Bee

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Join German teaching assistants from the University of Iowa for a fun and slightly challenging German Spelling Bee at this year's Northside Oktoberfest on Saturday, September 23rd. The less German vocabulary you know, the more entertaining for all those involved! Who knows, this totally informal and relaxed Spelling Bee may give you the itch to learn German! 

The contest will be held from 1:45 - 2:30 p.m on the Outdoor Bier Hall Main Stage next to Goosetown on Market Street. 


  • Up to 12 contestants - FREE to participate! Each participant will get a number.
  • Participants will come up to the microphone one at a time and the host will give them a German word to spell. 
  • Participants can ask for alternate pronunciations, parts of speech, definitions, or for the host to use the word in a sentence. Participants can also ask for information about the word’s origin.
  • Spell the word correctly to move on to the next round. If misspelled, you are disqualified from the rest of the competition. If every participant in a round misspells, all the students in the round are invited back to the competition. Each round will get increasingly more difficult.
  • You may ask to start over when spelling, but you cannot change the letters you've already said, or the order you said them in.
  • A champion is declared when only one participant moves on to the next round and then spells correctly in that one-participant, one-word round. The first-place winner will receive a prize for their German language knowledge!
  • Have fun and no cheating!