Sunset moth multicolor real wing under resin in sterling silver bracelet

Sunset moth multicolor real wing under resin in sterling silver bracelet

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This multicolor real sunset moth wing bracelet is made from naturally expired real moth wings. No butterflies or moths are harmed. The real sunset moth wings are encased in clear resin so that you can see both sides of the wing. Bright colors include green, orange, yellow and black.

This bracelet adjusts in length from 7 to 8 inches to fit most small to medium size women’s wrists. The bracelet measures .7 inches at the widest point. Please note that the dime is not included but is shown to help you gauge the size of this handmade bracelet.

This naturally expired real moth wing bracelet would make a great gift for anyone who likes insects, eco friendly jewelry, or handmade artisan jewelry.

This brand new handmade sunset moth wing bracelet comes with our store’s original tags and our store’s gift box great for giving or storage for years to come.

This bracelet also comes with an info card which reads:

Real Butterfly and Moth Wing Jewelry

This jewelry contains real butterfly or moth wings under resin set in sterling silver. NO BUTTERFLIES or MOTHES ARE HARMED. Insects live out their natural lifespan on butterfly farms within the Amazon rainforest. This jewelry helps protect the habitat of butterflies and moths while supporting native families. This naturally expired real butterfly and moth wing jewelry is water resistant but not water proof. Please remove before swimming or bathing.