Downtown Holiday Market Favorite Fellas Gift Guide

Downtown Holiday Market Favorite Fellas Gift Guide

For all the fellas on your list--younger brothers, dads, grandpas and partners--here's a roundup of our top picks.

Soft and warm and repping their favorite, Downtown Iowa City. Downtown Iowa City Stocking Cap

Delicious coffee will keep their day running. Wake Up Iowa Coffee

Fill it with some favorite photos for instant office decor. Hanging Photo Mobile

For the guy who has everything. Do they have a Beeswax Ear of Corn Candle? Ear of Corn Candle

Freshen up their car with a fragrance inspired by travel nostalgia and a love of road trips. P.F. Candle Co. Car Fragrance

Difficult puzzles to pass the winter hours. Puzzles by Pomegranate

Tape! For wrapping packages, sticking posters to the wall, or a BandAid stand in.  Hawkeye Duct Tape

The strategy game for awesome people. Best Chess Set Ever

Pair with Wake Up Iowa coffee for a well-rounded thoughtful gift. Handwarmer Mug

A classic Dad gift for a reason. 100% Leather Gloves

Quit yer bellyachin'! It's Not That Bad Tee

The perfect gift for fellows who have been a little naughty, but mostly nice. Lump of Coal Soap

Sheet masks for everyone. Barber Pro It's All Good Gift Set

Let them learn a new skill and show off a bit. Juggling Kit

Natural soap designed for refinement. Banya Soap




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